FIFA Women's World CUP Kits has been announced

The rise of interest

Women in sport – a topic that’s in the spotlight now more than ever. While there was a phenomenon that women often didn’t receive the same level of attention as men’s sports, the latest achievements by women’s sport teams are so remarkable and grabs more attention from public, brands and media.

Nielsem Sports reports that ”across the eight markets 84% of general sports fans have an interest in women’s sports (they stated they had an interest in both male and female sports, or just in women’s sports).

Of those, 51% are male, which confirms both that women are also interested in watching women’s sports and that women’s sports is popular among male and female fans”.

Nottingham citizens shared their opinion on why women’s sport is in spotlight:


Women’s sport is nearly in the same position as male’s sport in TV broadcasting.

Women’s sport on TV statistic data

FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019

One of the awaited sport championships in women’s sport is happening in just 3 months on June 7 to July 7 in France.

The Women’s World Cup France kits has also been announced.

FIFA Women’s World CUP Kits has been announced.

The England women’s national team has received a unique set of kits from Nike. The design that has been created for England’s national team for away matches is dark red with a roses pattern.

England 2019 Women’s World Cup Away Kit Revealed.

The home kit is predominantly white and features an overall clean look with just the sleeve cuffs and back neck panel standing out.

England 2019 Women’s World Cup Home Kit Revealed.

There’s no doubt FIFA Women’s World Cup will boost the statistic data about the interests in women’s sport and presumably will attract more world audience than ever before.