A free event took place yesterday to show the challenges and solutions for protecting its heritage sites.

This is ahead of the national conference for building conservation that the East Midlands region is hosting this July.

Some of Nottingham’s biggest tourist attractions such as Sherwood Forest and Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem are protected sites.

Pic: King Street’s most magnificent listed building. Photo by Anthony Akpovi on Unsplash. 

A free event took place in Nottingham yesterday that listed the challenges and solutions for protecting its many heritage sites.

The conference took place at the Urban Room on Carrington Street.

Pic: Noted academic Dr Cathy Daly addressing the crowd at the event. 

Dr Cathy Daly was one of the speakers at the event, who explored how climate change may impact on built heritage in the future.

Also speaking was and the renowned architect Derek Latham will give his perspective on Building Preservation Trusts.

Pic: Architect Derek Latham gives a talk about the importance of maintaining buildings. 

Alongside the talks and debate, the venue also hosted a new architectural exhibition.

Guests had a chance to hear about upcoming heritage projects and events locally.

According to Nottingham County Council, Nottinghamshire has over 4,500 listed buildings, structures and monuments.