50 to 80 naked cyclists will take a ride in Nottingham in the start of June / Copyright: Brighton Naked Bike Ride

In the beginning of June, dozens of naked cyclists will take a ride in Nottingham. With this special way of protesting, the organisers aim to highlight environmental issues.

There have been rumours since February – now it’s officially confirmed: The World Naked Bike Ride is coming to Nottingham.

On Saturday, June 1, the bare-bottomed riders will take a five to seven miles long route through Colwick Woods. With the tour starting at 2pm, participants will meet at 1pm.

Away from residential areas: The bare-bottomed riders will cycle in Colwick Woods

A regular World Naked Bike Rider for 10 years now, Simon Terry set up the event in Nottingham by creating a local World Naked Bike Ride Facebook group.

Pleased with the interest, the Folkestone resident expects 50 to 80 people to join the special adventure.

There have been Naked Bike Rides in other UK cities such as Bristol, Brighton and Manchester.

The Naked Bike Ride in Brighton, 2018 / Copyright: ScottyH.com

For the organisers, these events are a “demonstration that draws attention to the absurdity of fossil fuel dependency, celebrates the potential of cycling and the human body”.

In Nottingham, they aim to “protest against fossil fuel dependency, campaign to curb car culture, promote green energy, support sustainable transport and make UK cycling safer for all.”

The protesters aim to highlight environmental issues / Copyright: ScottyH.com

Nottingham City Council is preparing for the nude ride in the city.

A spokesman said: “We are aware of this, but as it’s a lawful protest they don’t need our permission and nor can we stop it going ahead.

“We will monitor and aim to address any impact it may have on traffic flow.”