This week an exhibition “Familiar Machines” has opened in Nottingham’s Backlit Gallery.

“Familiar Machines” brings together works which explore the movement of body and machines through public and online spaces.

Contributors to the exhibition also wanted to show the power of female governance, question the current system and strengthen the views on social disobedience.

Familiar Machines in Backlit Gallery features work by:

  • Guerrilla Girls Dominique Golden
  • Hannah Parikh
  • Sondra Perry
  • Kembra Pfahler
  • Millie Quick
  • Magali Reus
  • Global Sistaz
  • Martha Wilson
Familiar Machines exhibition. Credit: Backlit Gallery

Organisers hope to use the event to get people thinking about feminism in a different way.

Carys Bowen-Jones, volunteer coordinator, explains one of the aims of the exhibitions

Another aspect of the exhibition is to show how function and identity can influence through anonymity.

The exhibition offers a variety of different art objects such as photographs, paintings, sculptures and digital videos to immerse visitors to the gallery more deeply in the topic.

The exhibition is open daily from 12 pm to 5 pm till 26 of May.

The address: Alfred House, Ashley Street
Nottingham , NG3 1JG