Paula Webster, Visually Impaired.

One blind and disabled support charity from Sussex, Sussex Lantern, says that blind and visually impaired people are “more vulnerable than they’ve ever been before” under current lockdown conditions, even though they have not been classified as clinically vulnerable in the UK for Coronavirus.

I went live on Facebook to talk about Paula Webster, who’s visually impaired, and her experiences of lockdown so far. I also spoke to Gloria Wright from Sussex Lantern, and she told me her thoughts about about the kind of support blind and visually impaired people will need after this.

Posted by Ellie Watson – Journalist on Tuesday, May 5, 2020


Here’s a roundup of today’s news:

News in a Minute, 5th May 2020.


If you want to listen to the interviews with Gloria Wright and Paula Webster, click on the following players.

Paula Webster, visually impaired:


Gloria Wright, Trustee for Sussex Lantern:


To find out more about how you can help a blind or partially sighted person, visit the RNIB website.

You can find out more about Sussex Lantern here.