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Over 600 volunteers have signed up to the Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service (Nottingham CVS) since mid-March to assist with the Covid-19 effort.

The Nottingham CVS is teaming up with Nottingham City Council to launch the #nottinghamstar campaign to say a huge thank you to volunteers, community groups, social enterprises, friends, family, and neighbours for coming together to help get through the Coronavirus pandemic. 40,000 postcards will be distributed throughout the city and if you receive one, you are being asked to send it on to someone you think deserves appreciation for what they have done for someone during lockdown.

Jules Sebelin, Deputy Chief Executive of the Nottingham CVS, says how amazing it has been to be part of the effort. In addition to the campaign with Nottingham City Council, the Nottingham CVS is launching a second campaign from 1st June in light of National Volunteers Week, which runs from 1st-7th June. Every day, for three weeks, the Nottingham CVS will dedicate a whole day to one organisation, community or voluntary group they think deserves a huge thank you for what they have done.

The service is also currently developing a “Walk-and-Talk” campaign which will be offered to those who may be feeling anxious about leaving their homes for the first time as lockdown restrictions lift.

Jules says that she hopes the solidarity that she has witnessed will live on post-lockdown. She believes lockdown has shown some inequalities in the community that need addressing and that those who have come forward to help have been “the light shining through the darkness”, hence the theme for the #nottinghamstar campaign.

The Office for National Statistics have additionally released figures this month showing that more people believe that Britain will be united and kinder following the Covid-19 outbreak, than it was before.

For more information about these campaigns, the work that Nottingham CVS is doing, and to hear more from Jules herself, take a look at my full interview with Jules below.

Jules Sebelin, explaining the work that the Nottingham CVS have been doing to help the Covid-19 effort

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