Cyber hackers are crashing online meetings and displaying indecent images and videos of child abuse with the National Crime Agency reporting more than 120 cases currently under investigation.

Martin Baker, CEO of the Charities Learning Consortium, is a victim of ‘Zoombombing’. His company hosted an online virtual symposium of more than 100 delegates using Zoom, a virtual conferencing platform. The meeting was hijacked by an uninvited stranger who Martin believes, by-passed the security protocols and took control of the on-screen content. Pornographic images of children were displayed for at least four seconds before the meeting host was able to take back control.  A police investigation has been launched into this incident.

LinkedIn page of Martin Baker, a Zoombombing victim

Martin Baker describes what happened when a virtual meeting was ‘Zoombombed’

This is not an isolated incident. With people and businesses prioritising virtual meetings following the lockdown, rates of ‘Zoombombing’ have also increased. Martin believes people must be vigilant regarding their online security and companies like Zoom must be held accountable to prevent further incidents. Zoom had the following to say with regards to their security,

“We’re always striving to deliver our users a secure virtual meeting environment… we are enabling passwords and ​virtual waiting rooms by default ​for our Free Basic and Single Pro users. We strongly encourage all users to implement passwords for all of their meetings.”

Zoombombing: What is it?

Posted by Jenny Louise Steel – Journalist on Thursday, May 28, 2020

CBJ News Live: Jenny Steel reports on ‘Zoombombing’


Steps to prevent ‘Zoombombing’

  • Ensure you are using the most up-to-date version of the software
  • Don’t post links in a public place
  • Use the waiting room
  • Password protect the room
  • De-Activate Screen Share

If you think you may have found a security vulnerability within Zoom, you can contact their security team directly at

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