The new funding will enable the council to implement the Government’s 10-year Drugs Strategy.

Nottinghamshire County Council is currently working with its all-age treatment and recovery service, Change Grow Live (CGL), and other partners to establish the level of services that will be needed in Nottinghamshire.

Based on national data, locally there are more than 4,400 people who are dependent on opiates or crack with 131,011 adults drinking at harmful levels.

The Chairman of Adult and Social Care and Public Heath Committee, Councillor Boyd Elliot, is excited about this project and thinks this funding from the government will definitely help drug related issues in Nottingham.

“It could be better”
Councillor Boyd Elliot, Chairman of Adult Social Care and Public Health Committee

“In Nottinghamshire, 20% of residents per year successfully leave the CGL service drug and or alcohol free… this is in line with the national average.”

However, Boyd Elliot believes that “it could be better”. With the funding the council has been granted they “are working with Change Grow Live to improve these figures.”

Audio: Councillor Boyd Elliot discusses the importance of talking about mental health issues

The council saw that those who successfully leave also report improvements in mental wellbeing, employment opportunities and overall quality of life. They hope that these successful people can share the benefits of recovery with others who are currently struggling with the same issues in Nottingham.

Within the three years, they are looking to embed changes in areas that need it the most. Boyd was confident that they would receive more funding after for a further three years after.