Source: Sky News

At least 15% of the Conservative party have declared no confidence in the Prime Minister. This follows the anger over Sue Gray’s report detailing lockdown rule-breaking in Downing Street.

A majority of 180 conservative MPs will need to vote against Boris Johnson. If he loses, he will have to stand down as a Prime Minister.

The Minister of State for Brexit Opportunities and Government Efficiency Jacob Rees-Mogg believes that if Johnson wins by only one vote, he will have done enough to guarantee his position and authority.

The former Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the party knew it was distrusted by the country “Today’s decision is change or lose,” he said “I will be voting for change.”

Mr Hunt’s announcement comes after the Prime Minister’s Anti-Corruption Tsar John Penrose’s resignation.

Boris Johnson is not the first Prime Minister facing a vote of confidence.

There have been multiple moments in the history of British government where other Conservative Party leaders fared in no confidence votes, as in the case of Margaret Thatcher, John Major and Theresa May.

The history of past Tory leaders suggests Boris Johnson will still be in danger even if he remains in power.

This happened to Margaret Thatcher, who resigned days later after getting through the first round of the leadership challenge held on the 20th of November 1990.